Rules & Forms

2014 DIRTcar Rulebook

General, Safety, and Procedural Rules

Tracey Road Equipment Modifieds

SUNY Canton Sportsman / E & V Energy Novice Sportsman

Governed by DIRTcar Sportsman rules with the following exceptions:

  1. License: No track or DIRTcar license is required.
  2. Fuel: Any race or pump gas allowed.
  3. Tires: American Racer or DIRTcar Modified Hoosiers are allowed until July 1. After July 1, Hoosier DIRTcar “D300” Modified tires are required.
  4. Wheels: Aluminum or steel allowed.
  5. Shocks: Only DIRTcar legal shocks are permitted regarding manufacturer and model/part number. However, no shock sticker is required.
  6. Weight: Sportsman cars with one or more aluminum wheel must weight 2450 lbs at the completion of a given race event. Cars with four steel wheels must weigh at least 2400 lbs at the completion of a given event.

NAPA Late Models

Four Cylinder Super Stocks

Note: We are working toward sanctioning with Racesaver in 2015. We are currently unsanctioned but in 2014 will follow all rules as established by them as identified here: RaceSaver 305 Sprints

Mod Lite/TUSA Rules

The Mod Lite class at Brewerton Speedway and Fulton Speedway follow Team USA (TUSA) rules with the following exceptions:

  1. License: No Track or TUSA License is required.
  2. Tires: Cars will be required to compete exclusively on Team USA (TUSA) sanctioned tires beginning July 1, 2014.  Teams will be permitted to burn off the Hoosier RC-1/100 until that July 1 cutoff date.
  3. Engine: ‘TUSA Sanction Package B’ allows for three engine combinations and defines the allowed engine combinations for 2014. They include ‘Stock’, Spec’ and ‘Open’ as defined on page 4 of the attached TUSA Rule Book. Refer to the TUSA Rules for engine specifications and weight requirements. Teams should be prepared for a transition to exclusively the 100 Stock and spec engine combination beginning in 2015.
  4. Fuel: Racing gasoline, pump gasoline or grain based ethanol only.