Technical Bulletin

Dated:                        August 6, 2014

Competitor:              Brandon Hagan

Event:                        August 2 Fulton Speedway SUNY Canton Sportsman Feature

Violation:                  The GM Crate Engine in the car Brandon Hagan drove to the win during the August 2 feature event was pulled for further inspection following the race event. A dyno test was performed and the engine was found to perform fell well outside of acceptable horsepower and torque limits. The engine was taken apart for inspection and was found to have non-compliant aftermarket parts and altered GM parts. This is directly in violation of Section III of the Fulton and Brewerton Sportsman rules which state:

  1. a.    All engines must remain sealed from the factory and factory seals must remain unaltered. No tampering, removal, modifications and/or broken factory seals permitted. All components must remain as manufactured and unaltered, including intake manifold, cylinder heads, valve covers, front cover, oil pan, harmonic balancer and all internal parts.
  2. b.    Any issued penalty for tampering within the engine bolts may include suspension of the car, driver, car owner, engine builder from participation in any Fulton and/or Brewerton event.
  3. c.    Fulton and Brewerton Track Officials reserve the right to exchange or impound any engine at any time for competitive analysis and for inspection. Failure to allow the engine to be retained for the impound procedure will result in disqualification from the event and possible further penalties.


a.   Loss of all purse and points earned for the August 2 race event

b.   Loss of 2014 Fulton Speedway points earned to date

c.   One year suspension from Sportsman Competition at Fulton and Brewerton Speedway for one calendar year from the date of infraction.

d.   A $1000 fine payable to Fulton Speedway before being allowed to compete again in Fulton or Brewerton sportsman racing.


FULTON, NY – JUNE 2, 2014 - During post-event tech inspection of the SUNY Canton Sportsman Feature on Saturday, May 24th, Nick Webb’s car was deemed to have a non-compliant harmonic balancer. Due to this infraction, Webb was penalized all points, position and money earned for the event.

On Tuesday, May 27, GM Performance representatives confirmed that engines assembled and sold in late 2013 to the present are sold with the balancer in question as an OEM item. This is the result of a supply issue with the former style. The harmonic balancer on Webb’s car maintains the same part number as the original harmonic balancer and comes standard with late 2013 and 2014 602 crate engines.

As a result of these findings, Webb’s 4th place finish, points and earnings have been re-instated and the field adjusted accordingly.

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