Head And Neck Restraints Required For Youth Participants At The Fulton And Brewerton Speedways

Updated: April 17, 2014

Fulton, NY – April 17, 2014 (By Dave Medler) – Youths aged 18 and under will be required to be equipped with an approved Head and Neck restraint system when competing at the Brewerton and Fulton Speedways in 2014. This rule will apply for any class that competes at either track on a weekly basis effective the beginning of the season.

For those in need of an approved system, please contact Scott Jeffery’s Performance Plus by phone at (315) 934-4120, on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ScottJefferysPerformancePlus, or in person at the track or the speed shop on Rt. 57 in Phoenix.

For more information contact Cory Reed by phone at (315) 668-6906 (Brewerton) or (315) 593-6531 (Fulton) or e-mail cory@brewertonspeedway.com.