FULTON, NY – Charlie Sandercock from Trenton, Ontario won his third straight Pit Stop Convenience Stores NLMA Late Model championship 50 Friday night at the Fulton Speedway 33rd Annual SUNY Canton Outlaw 200 Weekend.
Sandercock who started 11th in the feature had a tight battle up front with Chad Homan finally making the winning pass on lap 38 and after that he would out-distance Homan for the win.
What made his win impressive wasn’t that it was his third straight win in the event. The weekend prior Sandercock broke his foot and didn’t know if he would be able to drive. His race team set him up a hand-control throttle and the way he raced you wouldn’t have known until he reached victory lane.
Other winners on night #1 were Michael Wagner-Fitzgerald (E&V Energy Novice Sportsman) Doug Williams (Dig Safely New York Mod Lites) and Chris Bonoffski (JB Logging & Firewood 4-Cylinders).
Almost 100 Sportsman ran 10 heat races and two of the five consolations (final three moved to Saturday) to try and earn a starting spot in Saturday’s $2,500-to-win Industrial Tire of CNY Sportsman Shootout 50.
Forty-four Modifieds took advantage of four 15-lap qualifiers with the winners earning 17th through 20th starting spots in Saturday’s Modified Outlaw 200. Those winners can improve their starting positions during Saturday qualifying.
Jimmie Johnson would take advantage of his front row redraw spot and jump out to an early 10-car advantage in the Pit Stop Convenience Store NLMA Late Model 50 while cars behind him were two and three-wide looking for any advantage in the early going.
With 10 laps showing on the scoring tower, Johnson, Chad Homan, Sam Pinancchio, and Jason Parkhurst ran in a tight pack battling for top-five positions.
Between lap 13 and lap 15 Johnson and Homan were putting on a show, swapping the lead back and forth all around the speedway.
On lap 20 Homan and Sandercock were in a two-car breakaway at the front of the field racing bumper-to-bumper and side-by-side in and out of lapped traffic. Pinancchio, Parkhurst and Dale Caswell ran in close quarters for third through fifth.
A yellow on lap 24 would erase the advantage Homan had, putting lap cars between himself and Sandercock.
With 20 laps to go, Homan and Sandercock were still in a two-car slugfest for the lead with Parkhurst, Kevan Cook and Caswell showing third through fifth.
Disaster almost struck for Homan on lap 36 when a lapped car spun in front of him in turns 3 & 4 with Homan missing the car by inches to bring out the yellow.
When the race went back to green it would take Sandercock two laps to drive by Homan and into the lead. Once out front Sandercock out-distanced Homan to the checkers. Dale Caswell, Jason Parkhurst and Kevan Cook finished third through fifth.
In the 20-lap E&V Energy Novice Sportsman Championship Michael Wagner-Fitzgerald and Kyle Hulsizer swapped the lead back and forth in the early laps.
Yellows late in the going on lap 13 and lap 18 would give the field one last shot at Fitzgerald for the win. In the end Fitzgerald would out-run Richard Murtaugh to the checkers. Jake Davis, Phil Desormeau and Quinn Wallis finished third through fifth.
Tracey Fritter would take the lead at the drop of the green in the 25-lap Dig Safely New Mod Lite Championship feature and looked to run away and hide in the early going.
Fritter would hold off all challengers until a yellow and restart on lap 20 that would see Doug Williams drive into the lead and go on to the win. Tracey Fritter, Mike Mullen, Paul Klager and  Joe Garafolo finished second through fifth.
Chris Bonoffski dominated the 25-lap JB Logging & Firewood 4-Cylinder open. The only thing that slowed him down throughout the race was cautions and restarts. Donte Mancuso, Nate Powers, Quinn Wallis and Chuck Powelczyk finished second through fifth.
September 28 – 33rd Annual SUNY Canton Outlaw 200 Weekend Night #1 Results
(Pit Stop Convenience Stores NLMA Late Model 50) – CHARLIE SANDERCOCK, Chad Homan, Dale Caswell, Jason Parkhurst, Kevan Cook, Chris Fleming, Tim Sears Jr., Kyle Sopaz, Harry Halliday, Bret Belden, Phil Potts, Sam Pinancchio, Sean Beardsley, JJ Mazur, Mike Kazmierczak, Aaron Jacobs, Alan Chapman, Max Hill, Ely Mayhew, Craig Graham, Billy Eisele, Darin Herton, Ryan Hoolihan, Dane Keller Jr., Jimmie Johnson, Matt Kitts, Lazlow Holyfield, DNS – Brandon Moat
(Brian McDied Heat Race Bonuses) – 1st $75 – 2nd $25
(Heat 1) – Chris Fleming, Chad Homan
(Heat 2) – Jason Parkhurst, Kyle Sopaz
(Heat 3) – Sam Pinancchio, Kevan Cook
(Northeast Racing Products, Auction & Trade Show Hard Charger $100) – Harry Halliday.
(E&V Energy Novice Sportsman Championship 20 Laps) – MICHAEL WAGNER-FITZGERALD, Richard Murtaugh, Jake Davis, Phil Desormeau, Quinn Wallis, Kevin Warren, Richard Page, Michael Grover, Brandon Chretien Mike Dawson, Mikey Wight, Kearra Backus, Pat Nolan, Kyle Hulsizer, Jacob Dupra, Justin Pier, Derrick McGrew, DNS Riley Rogala, Ryan Gustin.
(Dig Safely New Mod Lite Championship 25 Laps) – DOUG WILLIAMS, Tracey Fritter, Mike Mullen, Paul Klager, Joe Garafolo, Harley Brown, Hunter Lawton, Scott Sharpe, Shawn Hort, Sam Usborne, Dave Brown, Kelly Skinner, Josie Fortier, Karen Thibault, Clayton Brewer, Jim Dunham, Steve Comeau, Tyler Winger, Reg Lemieux, Justin Williams, Jason Premo, Matt Fregoe, Ryan Halliday.
(JB Logging & Firewood 4 – Cylinder Open 25 Laps) – CHRIS BONOFFSKI, Donte Mancuso, Nate Powers, Quinn Wallis, Chuck Powelczyk, Ray Bechler, Phil Desormeau III, Justin Verne, Kenny Underwood, Justin Pope, Sam Curcie, Trey Palmer, Dan Dupra, Tim Dunn, Brian Hoisington, Travis Buckman, Chad Crouse, Clayton Koch, Sabrina Jeffries, Justin LaDue, Ken Pitsley, Chad Desso, Donnie Rider, Don Woodworth, Jerry Herbert, David Becker, Evan Wright, Jack Taskey.
DIRTcar Sportsman Championship Series -Industrial Tire of CNY Sportsman Shootout Heats 
Industrial Tire of CNY Heat Race Bonuses – 1st – $150 – 2nd $100 -3rd – $50
Top – 2 Qualify. Winner to the redraw
(Heat 1) – Wade Chrisman, Tom Juno, Tony Finch II, Jordan Kelly, Brett Draper, Rocky Grosso, Rachel Zacharias, Brianna Ladoucer, DNS – Brandon Chretien
(Heat 2) – Shane Pecore, Kyle Fink, James Friesen, Tyler Thompson, Greg Doust, Richard Murtaugh, Frank Sobotka, Torrey Stoughtenger, Dan Kapuscinski.
Heat 3) – Kyle Inman, Nick Krause, Matt Janczuk, Joey Buonagurio, Colby Herzog, Ryan Gustin, Michelle Courcy, Keith Stevenson, Kearra Backus, DNS – Joe Gosek.
(Heat 4) – Dave Marcuccilli, David Schilling, Will Shields, Kevin Root, Mark Yorker, Joe Sobotka, Cedric Gauvreau, Brent Joy, Rich Townsend, AJ Miller.
(Heat 5) – Zach Sobotka, Jack Meeks, Josh Reome, Austin Germinio, Robert Gage, Josh Blackwell, Matt Becker, Brian Evenden, Tim Abate.
(Heat 6) – Jessica Power, Amy Holland, Chris Mackey, Corey Barker, Chris Corbett, Jimmy Moyer, Willy Decker Jr., Tim Baker, Steve Marshall, Tyler Corcoran.
(Heat 7) – Jeff Taylor, Rick Miller, Jim Spano, Jake Davis, Tyler Murray, Chuck Miller, Rick Rogala, Cody Wolfe, George Dyer, Ben Bushaw.
(Heat 8) – Brad Rouse, Alan Fink, Bob Henry, Mike Stanton Jr., Richie Riggs, Jackson Gill, Earl Rudy, Garett Rushlow, Billy Sauve, Randy Fox.
(Heat 9) – Brandon Ford, Adam Rozon, Tim Devendorf, Chris Hulsizer, Matt Steffenhagen, Rocco Leone, Dylan Zacharias, Billy Clark Jr., Bailey Groves, DNS – Charlie Tibbitts,
(heat 10) – Martin Peltier, Kyle Kiehn, Michael Wagner-Fitzgerald, Brandon Carvey, Greg Henry, Quinn Wallis, Kyle Perry, Jeff Lawrence, Dorian Wahdan.
Winner qualifies
(Consolation 1) – James Friesen, Tyler Thompson, Tony Finch II, Greg Doust, Brianna Ladoucer, AJ Miller, Torrey Stoughtenger, Frank Sobotka, Dan Kapuscinski, Rachel Zacharias, Rocky Grosso, Brett Draper, Richard Murtaugh, DNS – Brandon Chretrien, Jordan Kelly.
(Consolation 2) – Matt Janczuk, Will Shields, Keven Root, Mark Yorker, Joe Sobotka, Brent Joy, Joey Buonagurio, Cedric Gauvreau, Rich Townsend, Colby Herzog, Michelle Courcy, Keith Stevenson DNS – Joe Gosek, Kearra Backus, Ryan Gustin.
Due to the lateness  the final 3 Consolations were run on Saturday.
(SUNY Canton Outlaw 200 Modified Qualifiers 15 Laps) Winners get 17th to 20th starting spots in Outlaw 200. Winners can better their starting spots through Saturday qualifying.
(Modified Qualifier 1) – Ryan Arbutnot, Pat Ward, Willy Decker Jr., Erick Rudolph, Nick Krause, Tom Sears Jr., Ron Davis III, Jack Lehner, Glenn Forward, JR Hurlbut, Rick Regelski, Scott Boudinot, Austin Murphy.
(Modified Qualifier 2) – Max McLaughlin, Larry Wight, Chris Hile, Roy Bresnahan, Billy Decker, Ryan Jordan, Brett Tonkin, Rick Richner, Garett Rushlow, Tyler Thompson, Lee Dewitt.
(Modified Qualifier 3) – Billy Dunn, Stewart Friesen, Jimmy Phelps, Nate Higgins, Tim Sears Jr., Yan Bussiere, Rocky Warner, Tyler Trump, Billy Whittaker, Joe Shields, Mario Clair.
(Modified Qualifier 4) – Rob Bellinger, Todd Root, Brian Murphy, Andrew Ferguson, Mitch Gibbs, Tim Harris, Jim Walsh, DJ Forbes, Chad Phelps, Nick Nye.
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FULTON, NY – Charlie Sandercock from Trenton, Ontario won his third straight Pit Stop Convenience Stores NLMA Late Model championship 50 Friday night at the Fulton Speedway 33rd Annual SUNY Canton Outlaw 200 Weekend.   Sandercock who started 11th in the feature had a tight battle up front with Chad Homan finally making the...