FULTON, NY – Saturday night at the Fulton Speedway two holdover and one regularly scheduled 35-lap Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modified features were on the schedule. After 105 exciting feature laps, two of the most popular racers went to victory lane with Tim Sears Jr. from Hastings, NY taking two wins and Ron Davis III from Memphis, NY winning one.

Other winners on Ehrlich Pest Control & Parratt-Wolff night were:  Kyle Murray (Billy Whittaker Cars & Trux RUSH Late Models) Alan Fink & Willy Decker Jr. (DOT Foods DIRTcar Sportsman) Payton Talbot (E&V Energy Novice Sportsman).

The May 25th 35-lap holdover Modified feature would see Collin DuBois lead the opening 10 laps before Ron Davis III would drive into the top-spot on lap 11.

Davis and DuBois would put a straightaway between themselves and the battle between Billy Shantel, Tim Sears Jr., Jeff Sykes and Dace Marcuccilli for third through fifth.

With 20 laps showing on the scoring tower three of the heavy hitters in the division, Davis, Sears and Larry Wight who started 17th occupied the top-three spots setting up a battle to the checkers.

On lap 24 Wight would take over the second spot and now set his sights on leader Davis.

Over the remaining laps Larry Wight would throw everything he had at Ron Davis III but Davis hit his marks and went under the checkers 0.204 of a second ahead of Wight. Tim Sears Jr., Dave Marcuccilli and Rob Bellinger completed the top-five.

The June 1st Modified holdover feature would see Collin DuBois strong in the early laps with Tim Sears Jr. driving into the lead after a lap 6 caution and restart.

Sears would drive out to a half-a-straightaway lead on lap 10 with Dave Marcuccilli, Ron Davis III and Glenn Forward locked in a tight battle behind Sears.

At the halfway mark Sears and Marcuccilli were in a tight fight for the lead with Davis, Larry Wight and Jeff McGinnis racing for third through fifth.

A caution on lap 27 would tighten the field up for an 8-lap dash to the checkers that would see Tim Sears Jr. outdistance Dave Marcuccilli to the checkers. Rob Bellinger, Todd Root and Jeff McGinnis finished third through fifth.

Over the final laps top-five cars Davis and Wight would have mechanical issues pulling into the pits.

In the final 35-lap Modified feature Garett Rushlow, Billy Shantel and Todd Root each led one of the opening 3 laps.

With 5 laps complete Root held the top-spot by a car length over Jeremy Dygert with DJ Forbes, Shantel and Tim Sears Jr. battling for third through fifth.

Sears would take over second place on a restart after a lap 8 caution and then set his sights on leader Root.

After an exciting battle for the lead with Root, Sears would take the lead after a lap 15 caution and two attempts to get the race restarted.

With 20 laps showing on the scoring tower Sears and Root were a straightaway ahead still racing for the top-spot. Pat Ward, Dave Marcuccilli and Glenn Forward were in a tight fight in the top-five.

Over the final laps Tim Sears Jr. separated himself from the rest of the field winning by 3.9 seconds for his second win of the night. Dave Marcuccilli, Todd Root, Billy Whittaker and Larry Wight finished second through fifth.

Once again a large field of Sportsman signed into the pits setting up a pair of 25-lap features.

In the first feature Steve Marshall would lead from the drop of the green until Friday night’s Brewerton Speedway winner Tyler Murray got a run off the bottom of turn four to be scored the new leader on lap 6.

With 10 laps showing on the scoring tower Murray, Alan Fink and Marshall were in a three-car breakaway battle for the lead with Joe Kline and Rick Miller racing for fourth and fifth.

With 10 laps remaining Murray and Fink battled for the lead with Marshall, Miller and AJ Miller running under a blanket behind the top-two.

After working on Murray for a number of laps, Alan Fink finally got by Murray on lap 19 and then cruised to the win. Tyler Murray, AJ Miller, Dylan Zacharias and Joe Kline rounded out the top-five.

In the second 25-lap sportsman feature Torrey Stoughtenger would lead the early laps until Willy Decker Jr. took over the lead on lap 5 exiting turn four. Robert Gage, Jimmy Moyer and Brandon Carvey were right with the leaders in the top-five.

A yellow on lap 11 would erase the over full straightaway lead Decker had on the field.

With 10 laps to go Decker once again launched out to a big lead as Gage and Mike Phelps were locked in the closest battle in the top-five in second and third.

Even with a couple late yellows to give the top-five one last shot at the win, nobody was stopping Willy Decker Jr. from his second win at the speedway in 2019. Mike Phelps, Robert Gage, Zach Sobotka and Charlie Tibbitts finished second through fifth.

A strong field of 18 Billy Whittaker Cars & Trux RUSH Late Models were ready to battle for the $1,000-to-win top prize presented by Pit Stop Convenience Stores.

Kyle Murray and Chris Fleming both led the opening couple laps of the 25-lap feature with racing behind them two and three wide.

With 5 laps showing on the scoring tower you could have thrown a blanket over Murray, Fleming and Dale Caswell as they ran just inches apart at the front of the field. One lap later, Fleming would retake the lead.

With 10 laps complete Fleming and Murray were putting on a show for the lead with Caswell, Kyle Sopaz and Chad Homan waiting for any mistakes by the top-two.

With 10 laps to go Fleming and Murray were still slugging it out for the racing just inches apart. Caswell, Sopaz and Homan still raced in the top-five.

On lap 18 Murray saw the opening he needed and darted under him by Fleming for the lead.

The intensity got turned up when Murray and Fleming not only raced bumper to bumper and side by side, they did it in heavy lapped traffic.

The yellow would wave on lap 22 setting up a dash to the checkers.

Over the final laps Chris Fleming could stay with Kyle Murray but Murray hit his marks and made his first ever trip to the Fulton Speedway worth it with a trip to victory lane. Dale Caswell, Chad Homan and Kyle Sopaz finished third through fifth.

After coming oh-so-close to victory lane this season with four-second place finishes, Payton Talbot went to victory lane in the E&V Energy Novice Sportsman. Talbot would take the lead at the drop of green and was never seriously challenged in the 15-lap feature. Cody Manitta, Ed Lukas, Pat Nolan and Josh VanTassell finished second through fifth.

This Saturday, August 17th   Power Seal Driveway Sealing/Northeast Racing Products Auction & Trade Show & Regional Truck and Trailer will present a night of the fastest, family affordable fun in Central NY.

On the fast-paced race card will be the Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modifieds, DOT Foods DIRTcar Sportsman, Billy Whittaker Cars & Trux RUSH Late Models and E&V Energy Novice Sportsman.

One of the night’s presenting sponsors Tom Juno’s Power Sealing Driveway Sealing will be having a Sportsman Dash for Cash and Matt Becker’s $329 purse “First Lady of Fulton” Sportsman Dash for Fulton’s female Sportsman drivers.

Adult grandstand admission will be $12 with everyone 18 years old and younger free. Pit admission is $27 Participant, $30 Non-Participant. Grandstands will open at 5:00 pm with racing at 7:00 pm.

Any questions you might have and for marketing opportunities call Cory Reed at (315) 593-6531 or cory@fultonspeedway.com .

For all the latest news visit www.fultonspeedway.com and like the speedway Facebook & Twitter pages.


Parrratt-Wolff & Ehrlich Pest Control August 10 Results

(Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modifieds 5/25 – 35 Laps) – RON DAVIS III, Larry Wight, Tim Sears Jr., Dave Marcuccilli, Rob Bellinger, Pat Ward. Jeremy Dygert, Jeff McGinnis, Nick Krause, Billy Shantel, Jeff Sykes, Todd Root, Billy Whittaker, Tyler Trump, Ben Bushaw, Glenn Forward, Jason Occhino, Bobby Herrington, Collin DuBois, Tom Sears Jr., Andy Noto, Dale Planck, Joe Shields, DNS Brad Godshalk.

($50 Larkin Mowing Hard Charger) – Larry Wight

(Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modifieds 6/1 – 35 Laps) – TIM SEARS JR., Dave Marcuccilli, Rob Bellinger, Todd Root, Jeff McGinnis, Pat Ward, Billy Whittaker, Jeff Sykes, Glenn Forward, Jeremy Dygert, Collin DuBois, Ben Bushaw, Nick Krause, DJ Forbes, Billy Shantel, Jason Occhino, AJ Kingsley, Larry Wight, Ron Davis III, Brent Cross, Dale Planck, Tom Sears Jr., Joe Shields, Andy Noto, DNS Tyler Trump, Tyler Thompson.

($50 Larkin Mowing Hard Charger) – Rob Bellinger

(Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modifieds 8/10 – 35 Laps) – TIM SEARS JR., Dave Marcuccilli, Todd Root, Billy Whittaker, Larry Wight, Pat Ward, Glenn Forward, Tyler Meeks, DJ Forbes, Jeff Sykes, Nick Krause, AJ Kingsley, Ron Davis III, Jason Occhino, Jeff McGinnis, Jeremy Dygert, Billy Shantel, Bobby Herrington, Tom Sears Jr., Ben Bushaw, Colin DuBois, Garett Rushlow, Rob Bellinger, Andy Noto, Joe Shields, Brent Cross, DNS Tyler Trump, Dale Planck.

(DOT Foods DIRTcar Sportsman # 1 – 25 Laps) – ALAN FINK, Tyler Murray, AJ Miller, Dylan Zacharias, Joe Kline, Rick Miller, Amy Holland, Derek Webb, Chris Mackey, Tyler Corcoran, Bob Henry Jr., Steve Marshall, Jeff Stevenson, Mike Button, Tom Juno, Casey Williams, Tim Devendorf, Wade Chrisman, Rocky Grosso, Isaiah Forward, Rachel Zacharias, Brett Draper, Ryan Gustin.

(DOT Foods DIRTcar Sportsman # 2 – 25 Laps) – WILLY DECKER JR., Mike Phelps, Robert Gage, Zach Sobotka, Charlie Tibbitts, Corey Barker, Jackson Gill, Brandon Ford, Brandon Carvey, Ryan Dolbear, Torrey Stoughtenger, Jimmy Moyer, Chris Corbett, Jeff Prentice, Austin Germinio, Greg Doust, Jake Davis, Jessica Power, Kyle Perry, Chuck Miller, Rich Riggs Jr., Remington Hamm, Josh Amodio.

$1,000-to-win For RUSH Late Models Presented By Pit Stop Convenience Stores

(Billy Whittaker Cars & Trux RUSH Late Models 25 Laps) – KYLE MURRAY, Chris Fleming, Dale Caswell, Chad Homan, Kyle Sopaz, Kevan Cook, Jason Parkhurst, Sean Beardsley, David Pangrazio, JJ Mazur, Bret Belden, Harry Halliday, TJ Downs, Max Hill, Alan Chapman, Jonathan Rivers, Billy Eisele, Matt Kitts.

(E&V Energy Novice Sportsman 15 Laps) – PAYTON TALBOT, Cody Manitta, Ed Lukas, Pat Nolan, Josh VanTassell, Scott Kline, Jason Lopes, James Peck, Michael Wight.

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FULTON, NY – Saturday night at the Fulton Speedway two holdover and one regularly scheduled 35-lap Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modified features were on the schedule. After 105 exciting feature laps, two of the most popular racers went to victory lane with Tim Sears Jr. from Hastings, NY taking two...