Pro Race Cars Mod Lites Tire Bulletin

Updated: June 23, 2014
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Technical Bulletin

Dated:               June 23, 2014


Re:                     2014 Pro Race Cars Mod Lite Tire Rule      



Please take note of the following tire rule adjustments for events at the Fulton and Brewerton Speedway.

Starting July 1st the Pro Race Cars Mod Lites will be going by the 2014 TUSA rules.


a. Steel wheels only, minimum wall thickness .090″, 13″ only, Wheel

width max. 8″.

b. Hoosier Racing Tires plated UDRA, TUSA, TUSA-S or TUSA-M

mandatory at all TUSA Championship Cup events. 40-durometer

minimum before race for dirt and 50-durometer before the race for

asphalt. Clubs or special events may mandate tire selection.

c. Tires may not be altered from the original construction properties as

per rubber consistency or tire construction specifications

d. Tires may be grooved, sythed, and/or buffed.

e. Bead lock rims are optional.


Any questions please contact Cory Reed at (315) 374-1168 or Karl Schartner (315) 246-1644.