Safety Rules Bulletin Effective Immediately.

Updated: August 11, 2014

Rules Bulletin



Dated:               August 11, 2014


Re:                     Procedural Rule Update




Under section III (Procedural Rules) of the Fulton and Brewerton “General and Safety Rules”, please note the following adjustment to rule number 10 that will be effective immediately.


  2. 10.      It is the goal of speedway management to maintain the safest possible racing conditions for all drivers. Only safety crews and wrecker crews are permitted on the track in the event of an accident. Pit crew members are not permitted on the track. Drivers are required to stay in their car in the event of an on-track incident. If a driver, for whatever reason, exits a car on the track during a caution period, the race will automatically be placed under a red flag and all cars will come to a complete stop. A driver may exit a car if requested by a safety crew member or if safety warrants in cases such as a fire. Drivers that exit a car without permission, for whatever reason, are subject to fine and/or suspension at the discretion of track management.